Thanks goes out to my brother Wayne Sabosto for laying down all the drum tracks for me, along with playing all the maracas and tambourine parts. It really did bring back memories bro.  Still the best drummer I've ever worked with!

Special thanks go to Saxophonist Mark Gatz and Vocalist Margaret McMahon, my Karma band mates of my yesteryear.  We’ve come full circle!!  Definitely missed you both!

Thank you to Brian “Uncle B” Johnson for that Latin feel on the congas and timbales.  Only you could make congas sound great on House at Pooh Corner!

Many thanks to Ray Sabatello, who not only played all the guitar parts, but who showed me how to vocally and instrumentally create "A Suitcase of Memories."

Thanks to Matt "Professor Slider" for your engineering expertise and your patience, too!  It amazes me how much you know about this engineering stuff!  A genius at work!

Thanks to the folks at Rockhill Studios for making my first CD so special!  Although sometimes grueling, you guys made it sooooo much fun, especially with the honeybee jokes!

Thank you so very much, My Girl Geek Emma McGrattan, who takes care of all the electronic media!   The Twitter in my Mac makes me Google your Face (book)!

A special thanks goes to “Uncle” Bob Maletta for doing the graphics idea and all the writings (including my book), and bringing me back to my music.   Politics just wasn’t  for me!   I love working with you!!

What can I say about my Remy?  Woof woof woooof woof woof woooooof!
And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Chenzo and Joanne for introducing me to Ray!  It’s funny how things unfold!

Copyright © 2014 Lydia Sabosto.

The Music Of Lydia Sabosto