The Music Of Lydia Sabosto

  Time After Time   (4:51)
  Written by:  Cyndi Lauper and Robert Hyman

  The Way You Look Tonight   (3:12)
  Written by:  Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields

  House at Pooh Corner   (3:28)
  Written by:  Ken Loggins

  Autumn   (2:51)
  Written by:   D. Hartman

  Spooky   (2:47)
  Written by:  Buie, Cobb, Shapiro and Middlebrooks

  I Who Have Nothing   (3:43)
  Written by:  Mogol, Donida, Stoller and Leiber

  Fascinating Rhythm/I Got Rhythm   (1:36)
  Written by:  George and Ira Gershwin

  Hold Me  Thrill Me  Kiss Me   (5:26)
  Written by:  Harry Noble

  Cuando Calienta el Sol/
  Love Me With All of Your Heart    (4:25)

  Written by:  Rigual, Rigual, Martinoli and Skylar

  Pleasant Valley Sunday   (3:30)
  Written by:  Carole King and Gerry GoffinType your paragraph here.

"A Suitcase of Memories"

This CD has been a natural progression for me from the first time I played a keyboard and sang a song.   It’s been a steady building of a repertoire and the confidence to create, “A Suitcase of Memories. “ Through the years, and through personal experiences, certain songs have become very special to me, so special that I wanted them to be a part of my Suitcase of Memories.  The inspiration for "A Suitcase of Memories" comes within the lyrics of Time After Time.

Just the Way You Look Tonight is one of the great Sinatra standards and I couldn't do my 1st CD without a Sinatra tune.   I mixed rhythms, since I love Latin rhythms, but had to keep it  “swinging” just enough.

The children in my life have all fallen in love with House At Pooh Corner.   This song is for them.

Autumn is dedicated to a very special friend who died in the fall a few years ago.  Back in high school, Faye opened up my world of music to Led Zeppelin, Barry White and Edgar Winter.  This one’s for you Faye!

Double timing the instruments in Spooky proved to be tons of fun for me!  I hope it’s as much fun to you, the listener!

I heard a female vocalist belting the song, I Who Have Nothing.  Since then, she and I have become good friends and I have, from time to time, been her accompanist.  I played her my version of this song one day and she asked me to please do it on my CD.  Here’s to you Joni!!

Fascinating Rhythm/I Got Rhythm are 2 of my favorite Gershwin songs. Many hours were spent trying to pronounce the words so quickly, but I had such a great time practicing and finally recording the songs!

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me has very profound and deep meaning in my life. Enough said.

Cuando Calienta El Sol is a very sexy song and I fell in love with it when someone sang it to me in Spanish.   The English version that I put it with, Love Me With All of Your Heart, reminded me of my mother listening to Jerry Vale.

Pleasant Valley Sunday reminded me of my years growing up and listening to the Monkees BLASTING, as my brother was trying to learn how to play the drums.  He finally learned and it just so happens, he’s the drummer on this entire CD.  Lydia Sabosto and Ray Sabatello

Musical Arrangements by:  Lydia Sabosto

Tracking/Mixing/Mastering Engineer:  Matt "Professor Slider"

Keyboards:  Lydia Sabosto
Lead Vocals:  Lydia Sabosto
Drums and Percussion:  Wayne Sabosto
Guitar: Ray Sabatello (Bass on Pleasant Valley Sunday)
Sax: Mark Gatz
Harmony Vocals:  Margaret McMahon
Congas & Timbales:  Brian Johnson